I knew about this place for some time but only got round to visiting it today.

Ecole Hôtelière Sir Gaëtan Duval is a Hotel and Tourism training school based in Ebene. The school offers many courses ranging from management, pastry making and food production but did you know that there's also a restaurant there called Saveurs d’Ebene!

The restaurant is there for the students to learn the skills, undergo training and do their exams but I was pleasantly surprised with my visit. Everyday, they serve a different 3 course meal and you can request to have a weekly menu emailed to you so you can check out what’s on offer daily. You get to sample haute cuisine prepared by the Culinary Arts students along with the services of the Hopsitality Management students.

Here’s the menu for the day I visited:

Amuse Bouche
Spinach Quinoa dipped in ginger orange honey sauce

It was a warm mini croquette stuffed with quinoa and spinach. I personally preferred it without the sauce but it was a nice little amuse bouche to start.

Ravioli cheese with pineapple and ginger sauce, 
accompanied by shrimps butter sauce

When I first saw this menu, I wasn’t too keen on the pineapple ginger sauce with the ravioli combination but it was actually the best course of the meal!! It was really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The cheese ravioli was al dente and wasn't overpowering and the shrimp sauce was so tasty! The pineapple ginger sauce actually worked really well and added a tad of sweetness and tanginess to the shrimp sauce. I could have licked the bowl clean lol

Main Course
Chicken thigh cooked in garlic, cilantro chicken croquettes 
accompanied with seasonal vegetables

I loved the presentation of this dish and it was so colourful! A good balance of meat and veg on the plate and it was very filling. The chicken thigh was cooked perfectly with a hint of garlic and the chicken croquettes (more like roulades) were so tender and juicy.  The vegetables came in a variety of  different ways, (steamed, pureed and as a flan) which was great for enjoying different textures. The sauce that accompanied it tasted a little like teriyaki sauce but it was very yummy indeed!

Mirror Cake with espresso mousse and mango, accompanied with a macaron

By this time, I was actually really full. The presentation was nice but I was a little disappointed with the taste. The chocolate coating could have done with a bit more 'chocolate' and the coffee mousse definitely lacked the caffeine kick and I barely tasted any mango! I couldn’t figure out the taste of the macaron either but by now my tummy was already fully satisfied.

You can enjoy the 3 course meal experience for ONLY Rs375 (drinks excluded but all at reasonable prices) It really is value for money and what’s even better, you probably get better service and food than many 5 star hotel restaurants.  The students are very attentive and service was smooth.

I had a lovely lunch here and I definitely recommend this place.  Oh, and the bread was really nice too which is always a good sign in my books! x

Saveur D'Ebene
Ecole Hôtèliere Sir Gaëtan Duval
Reduit Ebene
For reservations – 404 7200

Open from 12 – 2pm on weekdays

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