I've been sooo quiet on the blog for months so I thought it was time to update it with a happy birthday report!

Leo turned 4 recently and it's amazing how time flies when you become a parent. I can still remember the day he was born (down to the tiniest details of the delivery room lol) and now he's grown up to become one cheeky little fella!
I wasn't really planning on doing a birthday party this year but after going to his friends' birthday parties, he really wanted one and kept on reminding me every single day until I said YES! Leo had a superhero birthday last year (see post here) so this year I wanted to do a completely different theme. Leo had been really into his Mr Men bedtime stories so I thought what better theme than loads of bright and colourful Mr Men characters.

Starting with the invitations, Last year I used good old Microsoft Word to design but this year, I used the online design tool called Canva which is sooo user friendly and has plenty of ready made templates that you can simply customise. I designed my invitation from scratch by combining the background, characters, details and text and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

Invitation designed on Canva
Printed invitations for Leo's school friends

This is always a tricky one as you need to take into consideration so many things such as how far the venue is from home, is it indoors/outdoors, how big is the venue, do they offer catering etc. My main concern was the weather, with July being winter here in Mauritius, I'm always wary about the weather on the actual day. In the end, we decided to have it at Le Coffee Shop in Floreal. A lovely venue run by 2 sisters and it was the perfect place as there is a large outdoor space for kids to run around and inside is very spacious (thinking of a large indoor space just in case the weather wasn't great). I was told that the weather had not been great the days running up to the party but we were so so blessed with amazing weather!! So gutted that I didn't get a bouncing castle for the kids but I also didn't really want to risk hiring one and the weather wasn't great...

 Images via Le Coffee Shop

In the past, we would either order or make the food and bring on the day but this year we decided to go with the food from Le Coffee Shop. They have a large selection of finger food and desserts to choose from and unlike previous years, I think we ordered just the right amount of food. The past 2 years, we miscalculated terribly and had food for days!! lol My favourites were the cheese samosas, gato piments (chilli cakes) and homemade canneles. I was too busy on the day and didn't manage to take any pictures of the food sadly :( but I can definitely say that they all went down a treat with our guests!

I spent a lot of time last year making all the decor but this year I decided to take a step back and have a mixture of handmade and store bought decorations. One detail I was dead set on was a balloon garland. I searched online and came across this one from PrettyLittlePartyShop based in the UK. They sadly don't ship to Mauritius so I had to get my parents to ship it to me but it was well worth the additional shipping cost! I chose the rainbow balloon garland kit which included everything with clear instructions and although it was hard pumping all those balloons, the final product was well worth the late night crafting. It was actually really easy to make and the final result was awesome! And the best part was that it lasted for nearly 2weeks!!

Rainbow Balloon Garland

My lovely friend K made a fantastic rainbow piñata and I made some photo props, happy birthday banner and designed some games for the day.


I had fun assembling the goodie bags, with of course a Mr Men book being the main goodie inside it! 

This year's goodie bag


Dessert Table

Ogu has been making Leo's birthday cake for 3 years now and this year we opted for 2 different flavoured tiers (top was vanilla and cookie dough & bottom was almond and chocolate chips). Last year, I also had some iced cookies but this year we had some colour sprinkle cake pops and colourful personalised napolitaines made by the Cafe. It was also nice to have the table at kid's height so Leo and his friends were all able to fit in for group photos (and no kids were fighting over who gets to stand on chairs lol)

Cakes galore on the table

This year, I managed to squeeze in 4 activities. First up was blowing bubbles. I was reluctant to get a bouncing castle (due to recent weather at the venue) so I decided to get bubbles so that the kids could play with them indoor or outdoor. Bubbles are a must at parties, right? Luckily, weather was beautiful on the day and the kids had fun with them outside whilst the food was being prepared. Next activity was 'pin the hat on Mr Birthday' and then it was a quick character matching game before we ended with Piñata time! We managed to squeeze all this in in 2hrs in-between eating and cake cutting lol

Pin the Hat on Mr Birthday

Oh, and if anyone is looking for a great Mr Men Little Miss wallpaper background, check out for new monthly designs. I got mine from their July edition.

On the day I was so busy running around like a headless chicken that I had no time to take photos so sadly there are no great photos of the day... Leo's birthday was a week later but remember I said that the balloon garland lasted for ages...  

I actually managed to get some lovely photos of him at home.
Mini Birthday Photo Booth

Love this photo!

So, my little boy has now turned 4 and judging by this last photo, I'm sure he will continue to be the fun, loving cheeky entertainer of the family.

Mommy loves you to the moon and back!
Le Coffee Shop
Queen Mary Avenue
686 8258

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