We got invited to our first kid's birthday party last weekend and thought to myself that I'll be the one doing this in 2 months time. Still plenty of time you say.... oh how time will fly by quickly!!

Anyway, no harm in researching early so I started searching for ideas last week on Pinterest and Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world can sell and buy unique goods. It's definitely a great place to check out for all types of beautifully handmade products and the good thing is, many of the retailers ship worldwide!
Thinking of a theme... Leo is not into any particular characters yet (though I have noticed that he is starting to like Marvel characters in particular Captain America) but I thought we would go with a carnival/circus theme. We had bought a party set last year (just for the party banner) and never got to use the rest so this will work very nicely.

Ok, so theme decided now it's the invitation. I would have designed one but the laptop with the software is playing up so I might need to outsource... I found these cute ones on Etsy that are printable downloads so you pay a small cost for it to be customised and you can print them as many times as you like. The ones I'm liking are..

From top right clockwise: Lion initial invitation from Sweet Hammer Press
Pastel colour invitation from Pineapple Blue Sstudio, Bright colour invitation from Bonjour Berry
Roaring lion invitation from Motif Visuals All available via Etsy Shop

So invitation sorted, how many kids do you invite to the party? We only moved here a year ago and Leo just started nursery this month so he only has a few friends to invite (thank goodness) but nonetheless the preparation that goes into organising a party is equally tiring and stressful whether it's for 10 or 30 little terrors.

One thing that makes the organising a little trickier than if I was in London is not knowing where to go for what. I've already been asking around for who does the best cakes and cookies and slowly collecting contacts for future events. I'm thinking of these icing cookie designs.

Left: Cookies  Right: Cookies

Lexia Delices did Leo's 1st birthday cake and smash cake which were both pretty to look at and very tasty. This year, I want to try another supplier so fingers cross the cake is a success when I finally get round to ordering one.

Leo's 1st birthday cake and smash cake by Lexia Delices

Ideas for the main birthday cake, do I go for full on, simple or a cupcake tower?

Happy Birthday Cake Topper from 2 doors down design via Etsy Shop

One thing I'm looking forward to doing is the party favours... so many different ideas but I've narrowed it down to these 3 possible options.

Paper Favour Bags from Catch My Party
DIY Animal Jar Favors from Pink Pistachio
Canvas Favour Bags from Charleys Cache via Etsy Shop

Organising a party can be exhausting but at the same time I quite enjoy the process and research that goes beforehand. What's going to be tricky is actually trying to make the ideas become reality. I think I've found the person to do the cake, now it's looking for decorations, deciding on the food, party games, party favours, logistics... the list goes on.

So I leave you with some inspo if you're thinking of doing a circus/carnival theme party... and please let me know if anyone has any recommendations for cakes & cookies, places to buy party decorations etc in Mauritius!

Make an impact with bunting and colourful paper cups, plates and straws.
The food can be simple but use plenty of colourful decoration for a big impact!

A warm, homely feel with handmade felt party crowns

Balloons and honeycomb decorations can make any space party appropriate.


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