So my last updates were back in May and October last year so I thought I'd do another quick update to see if anything has changed since last year.

But really, life is pretty much the same as back in London or even more mundane than before... Mauritius is a nice place to live especially if you have a family but it sure is boring lol. After having Leo back in London, I did spend a lot of time at home during the weekdays but we also went out every weekends. It was also much more convenient to pop out back then but now a lot of time is spent at home. It's definitely nicer to spend your days in a much larger apartment but I miss the days when I could hop on a 10min bus ride into central to go shopping!

Anyway, I can't believe it's nearly 2 years since moving to Mauritius. I remember when we first came here Leo was only 8 months and was still not walking or talking. Now he's running around and recently started singing really loud. It's ok if he has a few songs up his sleeves but he likes to sing this one song nonstop sometimes and it can drive you crazy (I finally understand you S!)

Ok, moving on to my update....

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