I’ve been a long avid customer of ASOS for many years since I was living in London. ASOS is one of the largest independent online fashion and beauty retailers so I’m sure that everybody has heard and bought from them before but did you know they also sell some cool gifts and lifestyle products too?

I always like to check their lifestyle products as they stock some of the brands I used to shop back in the UK. New products are added all the time so I like to keep an eye out for things I can get for the home. I've managed to source some affordable Scandi-style products here in Mauritius but it's always nice to find items that you know many won't have here like my flamingo neon light.

In the past I’ve bought some quirky items for the home including this cute bulldog money box for my son. The acrylic lights are a little different to the usual fairy lights and the flamingo neon light was a spontaneous purchase which I love (you can still purchase it from here) The constellation lights are my favourite purchase so far as they are cute, unique and so festive.


So, I’ve been browsing again and here are my favourites:


You can never have enough cushions in the house and I like the embroidered palm trees on this pink one (1). A pouch is always useful whether it's to store your make up, kids toys or, in my case, to store my son's snacks in my bag!(2) The jewellery holder can be used to store jewellery but I'm just tempted to put it on my shelf just because. (3) I don't write many handwritten notes these days but this notecard set is too cute and a set on hand is useful for any last minute card writing. (4) I like all things gold/rose gold and these tealight holders will be perfect in my home (5)  The stacking cups can be used in many ways such as snack dishes or even for planting mini succulents like what I would use them for (6) The flamingo cup is a fun addition to my very poor collection of cups and mugs (7) I must have a thing for lights as I am always drawn to them, this cloud one is no exception. I would get this for my son's room (8) I've noticed there's a lack of nice party accessories in Mauritius so I would be tempted to get these as the 'celebrate' balloons can be used for any occasion (9) Yes, another light on my favourite list. This will look cool hung on the wall of a little girl's room or amongst a gallery wall with a mix of different art and prints (10) I've been seeing a lot of terrarium recently but instead of putting succulents or air plants in mine, I would use it to store a (non-lit) candle so the scent is subtly released by my bedside table. (11) I already have the flamingo version but the rainbow is so colourful and I wouldn't mind adding another neon light to my collection (12) I rarely go to the beach but I love that it's round with a girly tropical print, perfect for beach-ing in Mauritius (13)

I know what I'll be adding to my collection, what were your favourites?

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