It's been a year since moving to the flat and furniture wise I think we pretty much have everything we need (I can't wait for Leo's bed to arrive in October and then I can do the final touches to his bedroom) so it's about time to start thinking about the walls...

I've been scouring Etsy to find some digital prints (which are easy, quick & affordable) to spruce up the home. All my walls are white and my interiors is pretty neutral so anything really goes. These are what I've been liking so far...

All Available from Etsy
1. All is pretty from HandmadeLUXArt
2. Inhale Exhale from GreenLifePrints
3. LOVE from MelindaWoodDesigns
4. Hello Gorgeous from WonderWallsStudios
5. Pink Green Botanicals from PrintsProject
6. Black and White Photo from BrightBlueStar
7. London Subway Signs from DallowayPlace
8. Prada Marfa from LamourFouPrintShop
9. Pink Grey Abstract from LittleValleyStudio
10. London Coordinates from maliladesigns
11. Green Abstract from LILAxLOLA
12. Green Abstract from LILAxLOLA
13. Green Abstract from LILAxLOLA

I didn't realise until I had compiled the above but it looks like there's a theme going on here... A lot of black and white typography (which I've always liked), pinks and greens (I'm especially liking green these days) and a bit of neon (since getting my flamingo neon light from sunnylife). I also want to have some art with associations to London so there's a few in there also. With the Prada Marfa one, I can actually get it customised so I might have it say LONDON, United Kingdom 9731ml (The distance from where I live to London)

There's soooo much choice out there so it might take a little longer to finalise which ones to get but I think I have an overall idea of what I like and want. Now, it's to convince DH on that Hello Gorgeous print ;)

Also, here are some tips for picking art for your home.

"Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness." -Anni Albers

1. If you love it, hang it!
While you may go for neutrals for investment pieces such as sofas, chairs and rugs, you can go more wild and eclectic with the art. Art is a very personal choice and it's something that you will be looking at everyday so choose something that you love and makes you happy! Art not only enhances the look but also brings life and dimension to a space.

2. Consider the size
You don't want to put a lovely small artwork on a huge wall or put a huge artwork in a tiny space overtaking everything in the room. Keep the artwork proportionate to where it's going to hang. If it's going above a sofa or sideboard, the artwork shouldn't be wider than the width of what it's going above or otherwise it will look top heavy. If you're planning to move the artwork around the home, it's best to stick to a standard-ish size so it is easy to accommodate in any room.


The artwork on the left is too small for the sideboard and it just looks silly whereas the artwork on the right is the right proportion with the bench and it instantly creates impact!

3. If you go bold, keep the rest simple
If your artwork is bold and fabulous, make sure that the rest remain simple so the art can speak!

Image: InsideOut

The natural wood furnitures work well against the white walls and provides the perfect canvas for some large colourful art. 

4. No Matchy Matchy
Don't try to match the room, instead contrast and complement the space. If you're aiming for a gallery wall, keep it organic and not symmetrical. Try different sizes, colours, mix media and just have fun like below.

I love her eclectic, bold and fun style and wish I was brave enough to reproduce the look... Her home in Dubai is absolutely lovely (you can see the article here). 

Well, I've only just started to browse for prints so I wonder how long it will take me to actually decide, order, print and hang them....

Wish me luck!

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