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Christmas is fast approaching and this year I wanted to make an advent calendar for Leo to enjoy for the run up to Christmas. 

There's no better way to count down to the Big Day than an advent calendar. I remember as a kid, both my brother and I looked forward to the first day of December when we received our Christmas advent calendars and we would eat our chocolates before going to school. 

Leo is nearly 2.5yrs old so hopefully he will understand and appreciate Christmas just a little bit more this year.

I would personally go for a monochrome version but since it's for Leo, I might just add a few Christmas colours to make it a bit more fun! I'm planning to fill the calendar up with a mixture of sweets, chocolates and small nik nak toys. 

I started searching for ideas and there are so many great ideas out there and here are some of my favourite picks! (I've linked them all to their pages for free printables so why not make one too!)

This is so simple and fun to do with your kids. A great activity to gear up for the festive season!

I love colourful boxes and these are cute and not overly Christmassy. They remind me of Laduree for some reason... may be the colours and gold foil??

Envelope Advent Calendar : A Few Things From My Life

This is really simple to do but the simplicity is what makes it great! Just by adding a few selected decorative ornaments, it gives it a subtle festive touch. 

I love monochrome and this is probably what I would choose for my own advent calendar. It's not very festive but I love it!

Love the vintage typography used on this one. The ornaments can be used to decorate the tree as you count down to the big day too.

This one's not very Christmassy but probably one of my favourites and one of the easiest I've come across. Just print, make pockets and fill with goodies, it's THAT simple. The prints are very cute and love the colours! (matching Leo's bedroom colour scheme) If I wasn't doing a DIY version, I definitely would have done this one.

And this one is a little more sophisticated for those who are still a child at heart...

Love love love this one. Is it the Japanese in me?? 

I've just about finished doing mine... The long nights better be worth it! lol (no way would I be able to do this when he's awake!)

 Work in progress

The finished piece

I'm also hoping to put a Christmas tree up next to it...

Still can't get my head around a tropical Christmas but anyway, let the countdown begin... xxx 

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