The view from our balcony

I thought I'd do a kind of mini update post on what I wrote back in May about the pros and cons of moving to Mauritius (see post here) and to see if anything has changed in 5 months. Well firstly...

I still haven't got a driving licence!!! I obtained my resident permit back in Feb and I was able to apply for a learner's licence from then on but the government online application form doesn't allow me to complete it!!! It keeps on asking me for an expiry date for my permit and an occupation permit (which I have not applied for) and after numerous attempts to call the department at passport and immigration, I'm finally told that a spouse permit doesn't have an expiry date and that I need to go to the main police station in PL and apply directly. I have been warned there is a LONG queue hence the application is still pending...

We finally moved into our new flat in July but there's still the final touches to do to make it our 'home' like plants, art/photos on the walls and loads of soft furnishing etc (you can never have enough cushions, right?) It takes time especially here in Mauritius as it's not like you can pop into a department store and shop for everything in one go. Here, you need to look around to see what's available and then decide on what to get from where. The new place is also much larger than our flat back in London so it needs some getting used to. There's so much more surface area to furnish/decorate but I guess it's a good opportunity to de-clutter. The curtains are going in as I write!

The dining area in the new flat

Leo started pre-primary in May and to be totally honest, it's been really nice to have some alone time as he's been stuck to me like glue recently (even more since starting school...) He still cries EVERY morning when I drop him off to school, why baby why? Leo started pre-primary when he was 22 months and many might say that that's too early. Some parents wait until their kids are 3 before considering sending them off to school but we felt that it would be a good opportunity for Leo to interact and play with other kids of his age and hopefully encourage him to eat more (he was a small eater when he started but with daily multivitamins and seeing other kids eat, it's picking up and carbs being his favourite of course!)

His first day of school

Homesickness isn't as bad as before but I do still miss London life and the family. My parents came to visit in July but it's been a year since I visited London. But then again, thinking about it now, is life REALLY that much different to when I was back in London? hmmm, the answer would be... no. Sure, I do miss London (food, shopping, the convenience, friends and family etc) but my life still goes on pretty much the same as before. Looking after Leo, going grocery shopping, cooking and all the other everyday things are the same. It's not like we live in a beachfront villa and to be honest it's actually kinda boring lol Even more so as I can't drive and I'm stuck at home a lot of the time. Back in London, it was easy to walk across the road to my local shopping centre or hop on a 5-10min bus ride into the city centre (with a stroller in tow). We live on a tropical island but we don't go to the beach every week nor do we shop and dine as frequently as before and we tend to spend most of our weekends in our local area.

Playing in the communal garden back in London last year

So that's the mini update!

In the next coming months  (summer is approaching here in Mauritius) there's a few things I would like to add to my to-do-list.
1. Take more trips to explore the island. The beach, do more outdoor activities and definitely take Leo to Casela World of Adventures as he LOVES animals!
2. Eat loads of fruits (pineapples, mangoes, lychees and longans seasons coming up!!)
3. Get a driver's licence!!!!


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