I'm not one to follow trends whether that being fashion or interiors but recently I'd been browsing online for inspiration for the new flat and came across websites forecasting the interior trend for 2017. I don't think I'll be incorporating much of it but judging by the websites predicting the trend, it's going to be a lot more colour, nature, warmth and texture.

1. Terracotta
In the form of tiles and not the potted variety. In goes the warm rich material and out goes the cool and white tones.

Image : Ohlostudio

Image: Rife-design

Well this trend won't be working for me as my place is all white with grey tiles...

2. Cork
Cork adds warmth and texture to spaces and also great for absorbing noise in open plan living. Cork can be used to clad entire walls or used in furniture and home accessories.

Image: Studioilse

I really like the cork furniture in the above picture, can you believe it's from Ikea?! Unfortunately it looks like most are sold out now... it must have been a scramble to get hold of!

3. Dark Green
Dark green used in home decor as an accent can bring in the colours from the outdoors. It's great with earth tone colours like tans and browns which seem to be trending also. 

Image: gardehvalsoe

The kitchen is an unexpected place to find dark green but I'm really loving the image above. 

I've also been liking the tropical banana leaf prints recently so may be I am on trend after all? I'm planning to get some nice dark green foliage for the flat.


4. Jewel Tones
Move over pastel colours and say hi to rich tones like purples, greens and deep reds which also shifts away from the minimalist trend.

Image: telegraph

I love colour but I don't think a lot of colour will be going into the flat. The only room with colour will probably be Leo's room. For those who are less adventurous, just one piece of furniture in a rich colour can really make the space pop! like the image above.

5.Upholstered Headboard
Upholstered headboards are going to dominate over the wooden bed frames creating a more elegant, luxurious vibe in the bedroom.

Our why not go all out with an upholstered wall!

Image: Elle decor

6. Escapism
Creating small havens within the home to escape from our hectic daily lives. Whether that's a peaceful bedroom, a little corner nook or just a comfy sofa, the objective is to create a calming space. Think deep sofas, oversized loveseats and daybeds with relaxed furnishing like sheepskin, chunky wool knits and large pillows and floor cushions.

Image: hotson

So what's out?

Copper and Rose Gold
Quoted artwork
Open plan living 

Well it looks like everything about our home is so 2016 according to the industry experts as our house is all of the above but who cares?

Will you be following any of the trends? xxx

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