Yuzu - Asian Fusion

Last night we were invited to this restaurant, Yuzu. I had been wanted to visit this place ever since it opened last year (?) so I was really happy and eager to go!

Yuzu is found inside Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel in Port Louis. It is a small and intimate restaurant serving Asian Fusion cuisine.

The decor is elegant and luxurious and you are immediately drawn to the sparkly crystal dividers between the tables. I didn't take a shot of the cutlery but they were lovely too. A good weight to them and I think they were a charcoal grey colour lol


Anyway back to the main topic of this post!

We had an amuse bouche which was salmon sashimi and a citrus puree maki. Salmon was fresh but the maki tasted weird for a Japanese like me. It could have done without that puree on top to be honest.

Amuse Bouche 

For starters, we had the dimsum platter to share. It was very pretty to look at but nothing special... The green one was bok choy with soft cheese which was not what I was expecting when I bit into it and I was hugely dissapointed.

Dimsum Platter

Dimsum selection

The mains were mouth-watering though! I had the Asian roasted duck and hubby had the duck thai red curry. My duck was perfectly pink and the hoisin sauce was soo tasty!!! There was a lovely small cube of fois gras on the bottom right which was delicious. Just the right size to savour its gorgeous fattyness. The crumble was supposed to be foie gras also but couldn't tell...

 Asian roasted duck with vegetables with mini pancakes. Can you spot the foie gras at the bottom?

Hubby's red curry was equally lovely with a good kick of chilli and spices. He even had a second portion of rice to polish it all off.

Duck red thai curry

Last but not least the best part of the meal, dessert!!! The green tea melt on the menu sold it to me but the warm chocolate fondant was sooo yummy. It was rich but not in a sickly way and I enjoyed this very much!! The seasame ice cream was refreshing too.

Warm chocolate fondant with matcha green tea melt & black seasame ice cream

Hubby had the pineapple and peanut dimsum with green tea ice cream. This was a light and refreshing dessert but nothing beats my chocolate pudding. I wouldn't mind have it right now!

Pineapple and peanut dims with green tea ice cream

Overall the experience was lovely but the price is not so lovely. lol You're dining in a 5 star hotel so of course prices will be high.

It was a lovely long meal (3hrs) but I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. We didn't try the starters so cannot comment but the dimsum was a little disappointing, everyone enjoyed their mains and the desserts were delicious.


The food does take a while to come and I was not actually full at the end of the meal so don't come here on a hungry or empty stomach!

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