Columbia Road Flower Market

 'The Earth laughs in flowers'
                                          ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seeing Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms blooming in London on instagram got me thinking... I miss having lovely flowers in the home.

Back at the start of 2013, I decided that I was going to have new flowers every month. Whether it was a ready-made bouquet or some flowers that had to be arranged at home by myself.

Flower arranged by me!

I think it only lasted until around August but looking back, it was a nice custom and the flowers instantly made my boring living room/bedroom more beautiful and enliven!

I remember getting all excited the day I was going to buy some new flowers for the home. I would get them from anywhere, from the local florist, supermarket, or flower market. (I once got 10 lilies for 55p at my local supermarket. Yes, that's 55p (Rs30), What a bargain!)

Flowers purchased on the way home after work one day

A trip to Columbia Road Flower Market in London

3 reasons to use flowers in your home
1. A greeting scent
Beautiful scenting flowers can create a memorable first impression.

2. A visual pleasure
Flowers work wonders in visually freshening up and revitalising a space.

3. An emotional healer
Flowers make a space more welcoming. It has an immediate impact on happiness and has a long-term positive effect on moods.

It's the perfect way to reflect the seasons and to bring nature indoors and also the quickest and easiest way to add life to any room.

Spring flowers - daffodils, tulips, hyacinths

My favourite flower, Peonies

It's also a great way of introducing a new colour to a space. Changing flower colours can really make the room look new and fresh. Good way to redesign on a budget!

Colours are so vibrant!

My gorgeous bouquet from my ex-colleagues when I went on maternity leave. My ex-colleagues know me so well and got me my favourite peonies!!

Mauritius doesn't have much choice at the florists and I have not seen any peonies here... but fortunately there are plenty of tropical flowers which are equally colourful and pretty. 

Once we move to our new home, I hope to start introducing flowers back into the space. 

What are your favourite flowers?

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