I wrote this post last year and it's only now that I've been able to upload it, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

So lets look back on the new year goals I set myself for 2017 and see if I've been able to fulfil any of it.... (see my new years goals post here)

Driving - So... didn't pass my test so I will need to wait until April for re-test. Very annoyed with myself on this one as some of the faults were careless mistakes or out of my control... Hopefully better chance this year. Goal achieved: 4/10

Baking/Cooking more - First half of 2017, I'd definitely been baking more than I have ever had but I guess it sort of dwindled as the year went... my oven started playing up and since then, I've stopped making macarons as I could never get it right again. Goal achieved : 4/10

Blogging - This is one thing I've been able to keep up. Coming to 2 years in March! Goal achieved: 10/10

Hobby/New skills/Work - Still a stay-at-home mum for most of the time but last year I was able to keep myself busy with some activities like helping a friend on her shoots, crafting & doing mini sessions and getting involved in some Christmas decorating. It's been a learn curve and interesting to learn and discover new places across the island. Goals achieved: 6/10

So goals for 2018 is pretty much the same as 2017:-
- I would really like (or more like NEED) to get my licence.
- Cooking is not something I particularly enjoy but once you get into the swing of things, it's actually not so bad. Hopefully more cooking at home but I think I much prefer making sweet things though.
- Blogging is something that I hope to continue too. Hopefully with more exciting content!
- I won't (or more like can't) commit myself to the gym as I'm terrible at exercise but would like to lose a few pounds. Is that wishful thinking?
- Try to get my son to eat as he is a very picky eater and
- Hope to spend more time out of the house than in 2017! lol

'New Year, Same Goals' I guess lol

Being out pretty much everyday the first few weeks of December with 'work' has made me realise how much I enjoy what I've been doing. I've always enjoyed crafting and these past 2 weeks of crafting and decorating has been both fun, tiring but rewarding. 3 years out of work and it's probably the first time that I've been working hard for so many days! You often hear people say 'do what you love' but on the other hand get others saying that that's terrible advice and doing what you love doesn't pay the bills.... that you should do what you hate to do what you love. What do you think guys? Are you doing what you love right now or waiting it out for now?

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