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I just received Leo's and wanted to share with you guys as it's such a great book and series! 

There’s nothing more special and exciting than receiving a personalised gift. Who’s ever been excited with a pair of socks, right?

I love giving and receiving personalised gifts as they are thoughtful and meaningful and you know that time and thought has been taken into the gift. Leo has a lovely personalised backpack and fleeced robe from his godmother and uncle A from My1stYears (See post on personalised gifts from My1stYears here) and I’d also been looking for a personalised gift for Leo’s 3rd birthday.

Whilst searching online a while back, I came across a website called Wonderbly Formerly known as Lost My Name). I first came across them about 2 years ago when I was looking for a present for Leo’s 1st birthday and since then they seem to have introduced a few more products.

I couldn’t resist and ended up getting the ‘Kingdom of You’ for Leo with his favourite animals and ice cream as a theme. They have other themes to choose from and you can browse them from here.

They also have 3 other books called ‘The little girl/boy who lost her/his name (the original bestseller),  ‘The birthday thief’ and ‘A letter for the Littlest Bear’ The newest edition which is 'A letter for the Littlest Bear' is about a family of bears and as the reviewers on the website have mentioned, it's a perfect gift for a family with a new arrival or families adopting!


I’ve been a long avid customer of ASOS for many years since I was living in London. ASOS is one of the largest independent online fashion and beauty retailers so I’m sure that everybody has heard and bought from them before but did you know they also sell some cool gifts and lifestyle products too?

I always like to check their lifestyle products as they stock some of the brands I used to shop back in the UK. New products are added all the time so I like to keep an eye out for things I can get for the home. I've managed to source some affordable Scandi-style products here in Mauritius but it's always nice to find items that you know many won't have here like my flamingo neon light.

In the past I’ve bought some quirky items for the home including this cute bulldog money box for my son. The acrylic lights are a little different to the usual fairy lights and the flamingo neon light was a spontaneous purchase which I love (you can still purchase it from here) The constellation lights are my favourite purchase so far as they are cute, unique and so festive.

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