I can’t believe it’s December and 2017 is nearly over!

Last year, I bought a nice snowy Christmas tree. I think we bought our tree at the end of November and already the decorations I wanted were all sold out so I had to make do with silver baubles instead. I also bought some props like a nice raffia Christmas sack, cute white fox door stopper and some fancy fairy lights. For Leo, I made him an advent calendar which he loved! I filled it up with chocolate, sweets and some small toys.

My 6ft snowy christmas tree and mascots protecting the presents
Fancy fairy lights from paperchase

Last year's silver tree and advent calendar made from envelopes

I also decorated my shelf to look Christmassy and it was lovely. It may have been 28degrees outside but it was looking very festive inside!

Last year's Christmas shelfie

Last year was simple with round baubles so this year I went for a different colour scheme for the tree and got a selection of red accessories to add to the silver. I bought some red baubles, red berries, red felt decorations, white/pearlescent baubles and cascading crystals.
Also during the year, I bought some faux sheepskin rugs that look great covering the tree stand.

 This year's colour scheme is red, white and silver
Love all the different types of decorations this year

Leo helped me decorate the tree this year by stacking the baubles on top of one another at the bottom of the tree… I had to redo it after he went to sleep...Sshhhh, he hasn't noticed it yet lol

I followed with the theme of red for my shelf also with a simple arrangement of baubles, berries and pinecones in gold/glass containers. The 'Merry & Bright' printable was something I quickly designed to go with the theme.

The last shelfie of 2017

The inspiration behind Leo’s advent calendar this year came from those little pyramid shaped packets called ‘berlingots’. I wanted it to be fairly simple so I searched for black and white wallpaper/backgrounds online and made templates to create my 25 packets. Then they were sealed with washi paper top and bottom and secured on an embroidery hoop with some threads.  The finishing touch was a bit of Christmas garland and berries!

 Scandi inspired advent calendar
'Berlingots' in black and white patterns

Last year was a simple one with envelopes stucked to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree (see post here). This is a much smaller and craftier one than last year which I hope he likes too. So far, Day 3 and he looks forward to it every morning! This year I filled it up with chocolate, sweets and playmobil figures.

I'm hoping to get round to baking some gingerbread men this year too!

Have you decided to embrace the tradition of tree decorating and advent calendars?


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