Since coming to Mauritius, I've been searching online to see who ships to Mauritius and Hoorah!  House of Fraser, a British department store ships to here!!! (with some restrictions so better check before getting all excited!) 

When it comes to clothing, accessories and toys for kids, Mauritius just doesn't have much variety. Sure, they have all the necessities but it is some of the well-known brands like Aden&Anais and Petit Bateau that I miss. 

Here are some of the items that I've been eyeing up on the House of Fraser website...


I must admit that I am not the most organised when it comes to my wardrobe. Living in a 1 bed flat back in London with limited storage space, most of my clothes and bags etc were crammed in one wardrobe. 

I did try and keep all my nice bags lined on the top shelf but the hanging rail was close to falling off! (hanging rail was curving in the middle from the sheer weight of clothes! lol)

A walk-in wardrobe/dressing room has always been a dream!



'Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, 
and that heaven was copied after Mauritius'
                                                  ~ Mark Twain~

So where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean about 2000km off the Southeast coast of Africa. In other words, in the middle of nowhere!!

It has a very vibrant cultural mix of Indian, Creole, French and Chinese people.

Mauritius is best known for luxury hotels on white sandy beaches with picturesque mountain backdrops. It is the perfect destination to explore a tropical island enriched in culture with a breath-taking scenery, amazing white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.



 my little teepee

It seems that teepees were the trend for kid interiors back in 2014 so is it too late to jump on the bandwagon?

There are tons of different options from simple canvas to the more colourful and elaborate ones.

Adult or child, who doesn't like to have a little hideaway to play, read or have some quiet time. It also adds a fun, playful touch to the room.



As I mentioned in my first post, I had failed to keep up with my previous blog after 30 posts.... Hopefully with this move and now with a toddler, I will have many wonderful and interesting things/events to talk about!

Well anyway, hubby and I made the decision to move to Mauritius (where DH is from) when our son Leo was born. We thought that it would be the best thing for our son to grow up surrounded by greenery, in a more peaceful environment and where life moves just a little slower than the hectic city of London.

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