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Yes, it's that time of year again to start brainstorming for Leo's 3rd birthday. Last year was an animal theme (see post here) as he wasn't particularly into any TV characters back then and he loved animals. Since then, he went through a phase of loving dinosaurs but now he is really into superheroes. More Marvel than DC (although he does like Batman and Superman)... so naturally this year will be a MARVEL AVENGERS theme!!

So... starting off with the invitation design. This year (same as last year) it will have to be designed on Microsoft Word again as I STILL don't have photoshop installed on this computer!! It's a bit tedious than photoshop but it's amazing what you can do with Word!! (Let me know if anyone would like a tutorial post on this!)

Invitation from Leo's 2nd Birthday done on microsoft word

I just find the comic Marvel characters a little too grown up (?) for a 3 year old so I'm planning to create a cuter kawaii version for Leo's birthday lol. I've already started doing the invitation as it will make it easier to plan the rest of the party. I won't give it away yet but it's a more adorable version of The Marvel Avengers that you all know.

Next is deciding on the venue.... Last year we had it where Leo's grandparents meet up with their friends to socialise. It was indoors and was a perfect size for the party. Leo didn't have many friends at this point so it was a fairly small and cosy event. This year will probably be bigger so we need to find another venue. Ideally a place that has an outdoor area too but I don't want to risk having an all outdoors venue just in case the weather is unpredictable.

Last year's dessert table with the lovely birthday cake

So the sweet ideas begin!! Iced cookies are a must and always a nice lovely touch for birthdays. You can customise them however you want and are great for people to take away.

Top Left : Image via Cookie Connection
Top Right : Bakermama
Bottom Left: Image via Instagram
Bottom Right: The Cake Parlour

So I guess you now get the picture when I say a cuter version of the usual Marvel Avengers. I quite like the mask cookies as they're simple and subtle but you can easily recognise the characters. The others are cute and I think are suitable for a 3 year old's birthday.

I loved last year's cake by Ogu (see dessert table pic above) so I might order from them again. So do I go full on, a cupcake tower or a simple one this year....

Image: CoastCakes

Leo actually likes all the main Avengers characters but this cake is so detailed yet so simple AND he loves THOR!!

Image : Maya Delices

A birthday cake more suitable for a kid's birthday with loads of fondant characters and tiered cakes. This one is a mix of Marvel and DC so it'll need to be reworked with other Avengers characters so bye bye to Superman and Batman...

This is similar in design to Leo's birthday cake last year and I like that it has reference to all the main Avengers characters (that Leo likes) without it looking overcrowded. This is a strong contender for this year's cake...

Image : Cake Central

But my most favourite one so far is this but I will probably change the look of the fondant characters and swap Batman for Thor. I like the overall look of it with the city scene as well as the cute characters and speech balloon details.

Or how about a macaron tower for a cake. This is so detailed but I'm not aware of anyone in Mauritius who is able to make macarons like these...


Quite a simple dessert table but with an impact with the bright colours, speech balloon backdrop and awesome cake.

Image: Owlie Powlie

A subtle take on the superhero theme with no superhero character in sight!

Clearly a Superman themed party! I love the white backdrop against the primary colours and all the details gone into this one from the balloons and posters on the wall.

I like this setup a lot! It's very stylish yet still on point with the superhero theme. I love everything about this layout from the white props, trestle leg table to the carefully selected decoration like the lightbox and newspaper articles.

Now it's time to start making a list of what to buy where, good old Mauritius where there's no one-stop-shop for everything! lol

So much to plan and organise... no harm in starting early right? 

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