Leo's birthday party is finally over and I don't need to worry about another one for the next 300+ days!! woohoo!!

Leo had been wanting a superhero birthday for ages so naturally it had to be the theme for his 3rd birthday. Last year, I don't think he quite understood or appreciated a birthday party but this year he was definitely more aware and excited!

This year's birthday theme was Tsum Tsum Marvel superheroes and compared to last year (see post here), there was a lot more preparation involved! Leo had many more of his friends at this party and I think mummy went a bit OTT with the decor preparation lol A lot of late night prep and crafting but you probably have guessed already that I quite enjoy crafting :)

Good old Microsoft Word to the rescue and I can't believe I still don't have photoshop on this laptop! Anyway, the invitation sets the tone for the party so it was the first thing I designed.

I'd been searching for a potential venue for a while but we decided to do it at our favourite local cafe Miss Daisy. What I like about this place is that it is available for private hire on Sunday and it has a nice indoor/outdoor feel with a covered terrace at the back. We had 30+ adults and 20+ kids but it didn't feel crowded at all and the weather on the day was perfect.

Last year we prepared far too much food and people were taking some home and we STILL had sooo much left. This year, we toned it down a little and also added some freshly fried chips and chicken nuggets for the kids. I think this time, we had just the right amount.

I ordered the foil balloons from the UK and all the paper decorations were designed and made by myself. I sort of started to regret that I chose a Tsum Tsum version as I realised it's actually hard work and time consuming trying to design and make all the decorations to fit the theme. Nonetheless, I do love making things so late night crafting wasn't too much of a bore. I'm usually not into using primary colours but since it was a kids superhero birthday, it couldn't be avoided and a lot of bright colours were used.

Happy Birthday Bunting

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland
Tissue paper pom poms

DIY Balloon Station
Tsum Tsum Props

I enjoyed making the treat bags the most as these were completely customised and designed from scratch. All with some fun details.

Personalised Treat Bags

Dessert Table

The birthday cake was made by Ogu (vanilla sponge cake with funfetti) with Tsum Tsum characters. Last year, I also had many mini cakes but this year I just went for some iced cookies and sweets and a few other decorations. The cookies were made by Sweet Treats and I also created a superhero lollipop stand with mini capes to keep with the theme. I also decorated the table with my Tsum Tsum photo props, a happy birthday sign, some blowing bubbles, a piñata, treat bags and some helium balloons.

Birthday Cake

Iced Cookies

Birthday Sign

Helium Balloons

Caped Lollipops
Photo Props

Treat Bags

Last year, I didn't do any games but this year I wanted to make it a bit fun so I had 3 games prepared. First one was a guessing game where you had to guess how many superheroes were in the jar. Second game was Pin the 'A' on Captain America and the last game was the sweet/treat filled piñata.

Guessing Game
Pin the 'A' Game

Personalised Piñata

Lovely friend K made this piñata for Leo. I wanted a superhero piñata but didn't fancy one that looked like a superhero (not nice to be battering something that is shaped like a person, right? lol) But anyway, it was a pull string piñata for younger kids so no battering was involved. I decided on a speech bubble design and it was perfect! Loved it! and I think the kids loved it too. I filled the piñata with sweets, chocolates, jellies, superhero keyrings and shredded paper. I didn't put a lot of sweets in here as I had also prepared treat bags.

All the goodies that went into the piñata

I thought 3 was a bit too young (for Leo anyway) for him to wear a superhero costume so I chose to design a custom t-shirt and got it made the day before. Leo managed to wear it for a couple of hours before it got wet and ruined.

I designed his birthday t-shirt and got it printed

Leo had a blast and was truly spoilt on this day. Now he just won't stop talking about his birthday! 
Until next year.... I'm dreading yet excited about next year's birthday already! lol

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