my little teepee

It seems that teepees were the trend for kid interiors back in 2014 so is it too late to jump on the bandwagon?

There are tons of different options from simple canvas to the more colourful and elaborate ones.

Adult or child, who doesn't like to have a little hideaway to play, read or have some quiet time. It also adds a fun, playful touch to the room.

I wanted to give my son a teepee for his first birthday and started to do some research.
Being in Mauritius, it limits my choices as many online shops do not ship to this small island in the Indian Ocean.

An option was to go to Etsy, an online marketplace where people around the world can sell and buy unique items. There's a lot choice and the options are endless. I was looking for a simple cream one or a grey patterned one to go with my interior and after finding the perfect one, I was so disappointed to find out that the shipping cost was so expensive. On top of that, I would have had to pay for duty and taxes which just didn't make the teepee appealing or worthwhile anymore.

I gave up getting one for my son back then but 8 months on I came across the perfect one at 50% in my local DIY store. I think I was more excited than Leo to have found one at that price, almost a fifth of what I would have paid for one from abroad!!

I'm planning to put a nice rug, some cushions and maybe a blanket or a little duvet so that we can snuggle up in there for naps and story time. Can't wait!

In the meantime, here are some others I found which would have been perfect for his room...

It's For Kids Via Etsy Shop

Fun With Mum Via Etsy Shop

Or how about this gorgeous teepee bed!!!

Teepee bed via Hello Bowsers


  1. I got my teepee from tibo and zia. Also used it for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I think it's best as from that age as at 1,they are still small to understand. At 2-3 they enjoy it. My elder who is 6,enjoys it but very less.

    1. Yes, they appreciate it much better when they are older!! unfortunately my son likes to ram into the canvas at the moment...

  2. Hi where are you situated and how mucj


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