I must admit that I am not the most organised when it comes to my wardrobe. Living in a 1 bed flat back in London with limited storage space, most of my clothes and bags etc were crammed in one wardrobe. 

I did try and keep all my nice bags lined on the top shelf but the hanging rail was close to falling off! (hanging rail was curving in the middle from the sheer weight of clothes! lol)

A walk-in wardrobe/dressing room has always been a dream!

After the move to Mauritius, both hubby and I realised that we had a lot of clothes (both summer and winter) and the one thing we definitely needed was a big wardrobe to store it all.

The thing we (or more like me) had to consider was that Mauritius is a hot country with a lot of creepy crawlies... so I wanted to have most of my clothes hanging instead of being stacked or put into drawers (BTW, I can't stand the sight of cockroaches!!)
Also due to the humidity, all my leather bags and accessories have suffered the wrath of mould so they will definitely need to be put on shelves for maximum aeration.

So the search began for the ultimate dream wardrobe space.

Here are some of my favourites...

I love the simplicity of this one. The clothing, shoes and accessories do all the talking! Not a lot of storage though... maybe for the guest bedroom.

Designed By Go Modern

Glass sliding door dividers and simple floating shelving, hanging and drawers. 
If I were to have a wardrobe in my bedroom and the space allowed, I would definitely get a style like this!

Photo by Paul Domzal Designed By Barnes Coy Architects

The semi-opaque curtains add a touch of tranquility to otherwise a pretty standard wardrobe space. The full mirrored wall makes the space feel so much larger (I didn't realise the mirror first and thought it was one huge space with an island in the middle)
The curtains make the space more soft and feminine.

A not so girly design with more traditional looking features like the cornice and panel fronted drawers. Just by having some flowers, it can instantly make the space more feminine.

The design itself is not too feminine but just by adding a few details such as flowers, glass chandelier and displaying all things colourful and pretty, it instantly transforms it into an every girl's dream fashion paradise! I love it, especially the display island unit but not very appropriate for a unisex wardrobe space... sadly :(

Photo by Douglas Friedman for Instyle

Lauren Conrad's wardrobe is stunning! Not overly girly and has character.  

But somehow I am more drawn to the simple styles... As much as I like the style of Pink Peonies and Lauren Conrad (later being a nice compromise), I think hubby would not have felt the same (or would he??) 

Best to keep it neutral I say!

We are very fortunate to have been able to design our flat to accommodate a dressing room so we've ended up getting one made bespoke, very similar to the one above in a greige colour wood. 

Can't wait for it to be completed so I can start hanging my clothes that have been in boxes for over a year!!!

My dream has come true!!!

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