Since coming to Mauritius, I've been searching online to see who ships to Mauritius and Hoorah!  House of Fraser, a British department store ships to here!!! (with some restrictions so better check before getting all excited!) 

When it comes to clothing, accessories and toys for kids, Mauritius just doesn't have much variety. Sure, they have all the necessities but it is some of the well-known brands like Aden&Anais and Petit Bateau that I miss. 

Here are some of the items that I've been eyeing up on the House of Fraser website...

4 pack Twinkle Swaddles 

2 pack Liam The Brave Swaddles

4 pack Jungle Jam Swaddles
I have these in the muslin cloth size but wouldn't mind having them in the larger size!

I can't rate these highly enough! I have used these since Leo was born and they are SO useful.

Award winning single-layer 100% cotton in a generous size 120cm x 120cm. The fabric is light and very soft and can be used in many ways (swaddling, burp cloth, nursing shield, stroller cover, portable crib sheet, car seat liner, tummy time blanket, change table cover)

I have used mine mainly as a blanket during the night for Leo as it is the perfect size and thickness for when the room has air conditioning. It's something that can be used from birth to toddler age and although a little pricey, I think they are worth it. He loves them!!

Trunki Ride-on Suitcase

Aren't these cute? Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack it with all their favourite things. The great thing about it is that kids will have fun (with it), parents will have happy kids (because of it) and hopefully its a win-win for all.

Some of its fun features are: a saddle to rest those tiny feet, horns to grab for stability and steer and tow strap so they can have fun pulling it or being pulled!

I haven't got this yet but seems like a useful and fun thing for Leo. Maybe for his 2nd birthday?

French brand Petit Bateau has been a long time favourite for their classic French nautical style.
Not at all cheap but there is something about the marine style fashion on kids (especially boys) which I find so adorable. I love stripes and star prints!



Hamleys is the oldest toy shop in the world and one of the best-known retailers for toys. 
The flagship store is found in London but with many franchises across the world.

Wooden toys from Hamleys are classic and traditional without the need for batteries, are 0% plastic and run purely on the kid's imagination!

They come in soft colours which are gentle on the eyes unlike some of the ghastly bright colours found on plastic toys these days.

The toys are made from sustainable materials and are of very high quality. The toys in this range are all unisex too which I love. Great as gifts!

I'd always wanted to get wooden toys for my kid and we have been able to collect a few now (no Hamleys ones unfortunately but I have seen and held them and they are all beautifully made)

Wooden toys feel more special than plastic ones and these are the ones that will be kept and passed on to siblings and may be even grandchildren! Wooden toys like these last - premium quality material and the toys never go out of style.

Would definitely like to continue getting more wooden toys for Leo...


  1. Hi. I learnt of your blog thru mayline. I know a few other UK websites that deliver at not pricey rates to Mauritius. Shops like monsoon, the white company (I feel I will love that but it's pricey excellent quality -for the moment it's free shipping ), trotters.

    1. Hi Chamila, many thanks for the information. I like both Monsoon/Accessorize and The White Company so good to know!!


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