Easter is this weekend and I'm a little too late to really do any of these DIYs but if I did have the time and knew where to go to buy the stuff I probably would have made some of them... It's a shame cos I love DIY especially when making cute things.

Anyway, the great thing about all of these DIYs is the fact that they can all be modified for other occasions like birthdays, room decor etc. (links and credits for each project found under the photos)

Paper Bunny Ear Bags : Oh Happy Day
Bunny Jars : Tori Jayne
Miffy Inspired Goodie Bag : Everything Emily
Easter Stamped Muslin Bags : Martha Stewart

The paper bunny ear bags are easy to make but such a cute idea for handing out treats not just during Easter. The bunny jar idea is something that I had wanted to try out with some other animals.  Fill them up with treats and I think these will make great party favours. The Easter stamped muslin bags can be done with any motif suitable for any occasion and I love Miffy so this Miffy inspired bag was spot on!! (Shame I don't have a sewing machine and it'll have to be hand stitched if ever I decided to make one)

Animal Eggs : Look What I Made
Paint Splatter Eggs : Squirrelly Minds
Paint Pen Eggs : Joy Ever After

I thought the animal eggs were so adorable and something that can be done with the kids. It's an activity that can be done not only during Easter too. The sheep is my favourite. The paint splatter eggs are really simple and artistic. Again, these can be a fun activity with the kids but make sure you're either outside or the place is well covered before splattering away. Paint pens are an easy and convenient way of adding fine details to anything and that's including eggs too. I can only seem to get hold of brown eggs here in Mauritius so the staining option is probably not the best idea but something like this is easy to do with just two materials. I love the combination of turquoise and gold but can you guess what these eggs are stained with? The answer is... red cabbages, yes can you believe?! and the good thing about this DIY is, as they're stained with natural food colouring and edible gold paint, you can actually eat the hard boiled eggs. Decorative AND edible, perfect! 

Giant Origami Bunnies : Oh Happy Day

I used to love origami when I was younger so when I saw these I was both excited and thought it was a fab idea. But one thing I immediately noticed was the size of the paper you would have to use to make these. Normal origami paper is about 6x6' or 10x10' but this project requires paper that are 53x53' big!! It's a lovely idea but definitely not an easy one to do as 1. The only way to find paper that size is to buy rolls and they can be quite expensive 2. The instructions are quite complicated.

Pom Pom Bunny : Fab Art DIY

I remember making pom poms as a child and this looked like a fun activity to do with some slightly older children. This one is for a bunny but I'm sure you can customise it to be other animals also. You don't need to buy special kits to make pom poms and they can be made from card templates or even forks! 

I think this wreath will be a great addition to a little one's nursery or a little girl's bedroom. Just change the colours, flower designs for endless options. If I had a little girl, I definitely would have tried making this. 

The containers/goodie bags have got me thinking about my son's 3rd birthday... It's not until July but better get thinking on a theme soon...

Any info on good crafts shops in Mauritius? I've managed to locate a few shops but nothing that has wow-ed me with their stock sadly :(

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