Just a quick note and Happy New Year!!!

So we're Day 3 into 2017 and apart from my New Year Goals (see post here) I've decided to post 1 'mother & son' photo on instagram everyday or at least I HOPE I can keep it up as he's not always very cooperative...


I hope it becomes like a fun growth record for him and he will learn to enjoy taking these daily pics with me. Actually, I would be more interested in seeing how his hairstyle changes over the course of this year (those who know will understand me all too well lol) You can follow me on instagram here

2017 is the year of the Rooster (which is my Japanese horoscope) so I hope it's going to be a good and fulfilling year.

So the keyword for this year is....
To be more adventurous
Be around good energy/people
Learn new things

So what's your keyword for 2017?

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