Since Leo was born in July 2014, I have taken countless photos of him... but all sadly stored on my laptop.

When we did his 1 year old photoshoot last July, I decided to have a photo book made as it would be such a pity and waste to just have the photos stored on a hard drive and no one gets to enjoy them.  While I was at it, I also decided to make his 'first year' album also.

The 2 books made with Photobox

I chose the online photo printing company Photobox to get my book made.

The browser software is pretty easy to use and you can reposition, crop and enlarge images without much fuss. There is also an array of background colour, layout and embellishments to personalise your album. The one I used was either the modern or classic option (black, white and grey colour combination) for a simple and clean finish.

Browser software with easy navigation

It was difficult to narrow down the photos but I wanted to pick photos that were memorable but also show his change/development through the months (I've been comparing his first year and second year and what a difference!)

From his 'my first year' album

From his 'my first birthday' album

Personalising each page

Another feature which I found useful was that it will tell you if you enlarge the image too much and the quality drops.

The only problem I experienced was that the photos do take a while to upload in the background so you might need to wait a while for all to be uploaded before you can place the final order. You can edit your album in the meantime though and I think I spent a good few hours making my 60 page album.

When I finally got hold of the finished products, I was pleased with the 2 books. I ordered them in A4 matt cover hardbacks and they were great quality with all the images printed well.

Look at that smashed cake!

I hope the collection continues to grow!

Delivery time is not too bad considering you are receiving a completely bespoke product. I think it's about 7-10 days for a personalised A4 photo book. They also ship worldwide so great for sending lovely memories to loved ones all around the world!

It's a great way to save memories and although not cheap at normal price, (my album would have cost me nearly £70 but I got 50% off) they often have amazing discounts.

It's not just photo books, they also do prints, calendars, mugs, wall art, clothing and many more!

So why not check it out now and relive some of your past memories.
I can't wait to see Leo's 'my second year' book completed!

Bring your photos to life!

A cheeky back cover of one of the albums

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