'Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, 
and that heaven was copied after Mauritius'
                                                  ~ Mark Twain~

So where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean about 2000km off the Southeast coast of Africa. In other words, in the middle of nowhere!!

It has a very vibrant cultural mix of Indian, Creole, French and Chinese people.

Mauritius is best known for luxury hotels on white sandy beaches with picturesque mountain backdrops. It is the perfect destination to explore a tropical island enriched in culture with a breath-taking scenery, amazing white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

When you hear of Mauritius, the first impression is probably a tropical island popular with honeymooners but it is much more than that. Whether you are into history, nature, food, water sports or just relaxation, the island will not disappoint!

L'Aventure Du Sucre

Le Morne Brabant - UNESCO world heritage site

Fresh Grilled Seafood


Long Beach Golf And Spa Resort

A lot of people might also be thinking, is Mauritius a destination for families?? The answer is hell yeah!
It is becoming popular as a family holiday destination. There is a big coral reef surrounding the island which creates calm waters and clear blue lagoons.

Many of the hotels on the island are family-friendly with family rooms, kids' club, babysitting facilities and plenty of land and water activities to keep them busy!

I have a toddler myself (20 months) and although we live here, we have visited a few hotels since he was born. Leo is still too young to join the kid's club etc but he's been in the sea many times already. It is so calm that you will have no worries taking your toddlers in to possibly experience their first time at the beach/in the sea.
Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help/accommodate people with children.

We booked 1 night at a hotel to celebrate Leo's first birthday and the hotel was so kind enough to bring us a very rich, tasty chocolate birthday cake (which of course Leo did not have one single bite of and the adults enjoyed) and gifted Leo with a lovely teddy bear (which he adores!) and a set of baby/children friendly toiletries.

Mauritius is an ideal year-round holiday destination with an average temperature of 22˚C in winter and 31˚C in summer. The island enjoys a mild tropical climate but the best time to visit is between April - June and September - December.

Local cuisine originates from 3 continents with food including Indian, Chinese, Creole and European. There's something to cater for everyone's taste. Chances are the kids will also enjoy the pancakes and ice cream that get served during the afternoon in many of the hotels...

The locals are very welcoming, there's a laid-back island vibe and plenty of stunning views to take in. Also the sunsets are amazing, a true magical moment!

The only thing to consider is the travelling (it can end up being a trek for some!), it can be a long way but oh so worth it!!

If anyone has questions regarding Mauritius and what it's like (with children), please feel free to contact me at or leave a comment below.

Happy Reading! xxx

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