Back in our flat in London, we only had 1 bedroom so for the first 8 months of Leo's life he had been co-sleeping with us in our bed (The moses basket was only useful for about a month...shame cos it was lovely) but since moving to Mauritius he has been sleeping in his cot.

Now that we've moved into our new home he finally has a bedroom of his own!

The moses basket was a lovely gift from my ex-collegues

His bedroom is still not complete but I wanted to share with you some of the special items I got for the room and also to share with you some of my tips!

Keep the room neutral and decorate with colour 
I didn't want to go down the stereotypical route of having blue for a boys room so I painted the walls all white and will be adding accent colours of yellows and greys through felt decorations, artworks and storage boxes (and eventually through textiles like curtains, cushions and bedlinen)

Felt Star Garland in Honey Mix and DIY felt balls in Citrus Fresh from Little Puddles Via Etsy Shop

Vinyl Storage Boxes from H&M

I love the felt decorations as they are handmade and so adorable. It softens and adds warmth and texture to the room. The vinyl storage boxes fit perfectly in the storage cabinet and are so practical as they can be folded away and are easy to clean.

Create low cabinets, shelving and storage
If your kid is anything like mine they somehow just love to arrange toys in a neat row or in a very particular way. They like to collect and arrange things and by creating a space at their height, it allows them to play and organise their own things.

Also introduce plenty of 'easy to access' storage so they can get to their toys easily. This can be a good or bad thing (50/50 case with Leo at the moment...) but you know, one less excuse for them not to put their things back right!

Ludo Collection Image from
LUDO wardrobe and 2 door cabinet

I got this wardrobe and cabinet for his room and I love the fact that there are 2 storage compartments at the bottom of the wardrobe for storing toys and also the matching cabinet is just the right size for Leo to access his books and more toys! (The turquoise door handles have made me want to add it to the colour scheme)

For those living in Mauritius, I saw Urban Home have this bookcase which will be perfect for displaying toys and books and at a very affordable price! 

Tvilum Flexo Bookcase 120x34.5x66cm Available from Urban Home (Mauritius)

Simple bedding
I'm not too keen on beddings of cartoon characters which are typical stereotypes and prefer simple neutral ones like stripes and stars which can be mix and matched with each other or with other more vibrant colours and prints.

Simple mix and match bedlinens
Top Left Image from Adairs : Top Right Image from
Bottom Left Image from houseandhome : Botton Right Image from project nursery

I'm a little disappointed that Adairs don't do International shipping as they have some really really lovely stuff (not just kids bedlinen)

But having said that , I am guilty of getting this at John Lewis as it was too cute to miss and at a great price too!

Duvet Set from John Lewis

Decorate with wall decals (and glowing stars...)
It's a quick way to fill empty walls and adds character and personality to a room in an instant! Simple to do and easy to change AND it'll be much cheaper than wallpaper!!
You can find some great ones on Etsy. I might think of getting some for Leo's white walls.


Dot Decals from HappyHouseNo1
Star Decals from Ohongs Design Studio
Cloud Decals from Simplychild SA
World Map Decals from Walls2LifeDecals

Use their books and toys as decoration
It saves on storage and also cost of decorating. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes and if arranged well, it can actually look great! Instead of lining the books up on a shelf, why not display them facing forward like below from one of my favourite bloggers Stella + the stars.

Clever Display of books and toys that look totally coordinated. 

I wanted to make it 'his' room, so I got some personalised items like this lion artwork with his name on it. You can also never have enough cushions (right?) so I got these monochrome letter cushions spelling his name (Lucky his name only has 3 letters!) which can be placed on his bed or on the floor for him to roll around in and the wooden letters from his grandparents will look great on his door.

Leo's personalised artwork from LeoLittleLion Via Etsy Shop

Alphabet cushions spelling his name 

Wooden Letters spelling his name to put on his door

Leo's room is still in progress and there's many things I want to do to it but I hope the tips have given you some ideas on how to make your kid's room fun but practical at the same time.

I hope to do an updated post once his room is complete but in the meantime I leave you with this.

Happy Decorating! xxx

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