For my early birthday celebrations, my family and I went to dine at this lovely restaurant. I remembered visiting this restaurant once back in 2011 and thoroughly enjoying the food so we decided to check it out again (plus I LOVE French food)

Le Courtyard is a Fine French restaurant tucked away in a quiet narrow side street in Port Louis. The Colonial building has been converted into a lovely Al Fresco dining restaurant in the heart of the city with both indoors and open-air courtyard seating area.

We went there for dinner and it didn't disappoint.

Amuse Bouche was warm pumpkin/butternut squash soup with a pate crostini.

Amuse Bouche

The mini breads here are homemade and served warm. Sorry but no pics but the small rounds were my favourite. Delicious homemade bread rolls are always a good sign in my books!

For starters, I had the pan-fried Foie Gras as recommended by my foodie friend S. The Crème de Cassis sauce was just the right tartness against the creamy and rich foie gras and the avocado salsa was a refreshing accompaniment. It was a lovely fatty treat and not something I'd be eating anytime soon again but I enjoyed it a lot!!

Pan fried foie gras with Crème de Cassis sauce and avocado salsa

My main was Magret de canard and it was cooked to my exact liking. The steamed vegetables were just the right crunchiness and tasted so fresh!

Panfried duck breast, dauphinois gratin with porcini mushrooms and steamed vegetables

I was tempted to have the Moelleux au chocolat but the soft banana cake caught my eye instead. The cake was so so soft and moist and subtly flavoured. The coconut ice-cream went well with it but not too sure about the papaya mint soup....

Banana Soft Cake with coconut milk ice cream and shot of papaya and mint leaves

Finished off the meal with a nice cup of latte and some complimentary macarons.

Price is a little on the high side but I think you pay for the food and service you receive. The staff are friendly and attentive and it has a wonderfully peaceful, cosy atmosphere.

It's a lovely place to celebrate special occasions or to treat yourself once in a while. I hope it won't be another 5 years until I get to visit here again!

Happy Food-Dreaming!!! xxx

Corner Chevreau & St Louis streets
Port Louis
210 0810

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