I can't believe it's nearly 3 weeks since my last post... It's been a busy few weeks with a lot happening. Just a quick one today...

Delays and more delays with completion of our flat (Now I know what you were going through S! lol), trying to get everything ready to receive our very first guests, my parents! and not forgetting, trying to simultaneously organise my son's 2nd birthday.

Leo didn't get to have a party for his 1st birthday so I wanted to make extra effort this year and organise one. He's made a few friends since moving to Mauritius so it will be nice to have a little get together with everybody.

Spend last year's birthday @ Dinarobin

I was set for a circus theme (see post here) but this shifted slightly into a more general animal party theme lol He has a thing for lions (his name being leo of course!) so the main animal is the king of the jungle, the lion!

I've come to realise that it's a bit more difficult to get hold of the things I wanted for this particular party (all I see is cartoon and character party goods) so I decided to go hands on and do some DIY. Guys, please do let me know if you know of great party supply stores in Mauritius.

Sadly the computer with photoshop installed died on me so I had to do everything on Word (yes, there is a way to do it on Word!) A little tedious but it got the job done.

 Designing on Word is a first!

Starting with the invitation...

some cake toppers and favour labels...

DIY Cake Toppers

Favour labels

Now I just can't wait to put these on for the final touches.

This month also sees us moving into our new home (finally!) after VERY patiently waiting for 16 months so July is going to be a very exciting month!

See you next time!

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