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Staying on the personalising theme from my post about personalised books (see post here), I thought I’d do an update on one of my favourite kids personalised gift site. I hadn’t been on it for a while but since my last post, it seems that they have many new things and I’m loving it! So many cute things for Leo J I love the fact that most items come in boy/girl options and also the modern grey unisex option which I prefer.

Here’s my top picks, broken down into 3 price ranges:

1. A handy little bag to store all their small toys or as a daytime bag to keep all their essentials. It's a multi-use bag that is affordable and unique.
2. A lovely drawstring bag to keep all your little one's toys. It's a stylish addition to any room and can be personalised in 6 different colour choices to cater for all.
3. I'd been looking for a personalised birthday t-shirt for Leo's 3rd birthday and this would have been perfect. I ended up designing my own but this looks like great quality and the back can be personalised with age and name. The writing also comes in pink for girls.
4. How cute is this sibling set? It come in 4 combinations and this will make a great gift for those with siblings. 
5. Made from 100% cotton with a subtle star design, I wouldn't mind this for myself. It looks so soft and snuggly.
6. Leo is outgrowing his current hooded towel so I was looking for one to replace it and this looks like the perfect one with cute bear ears. 
7. The perfect gift for a special occasion and it can be used for years to come. This silver-plated money box can be engraved with a special message for a personal touch.
8. The perfect matching mummy and baby set. I wouldn't mind the coffee sweatshirt for myself but I think Leo's outgrown the bodysuit...
9. Leo has the spaceboy version but this circus one is cute too. It's not a very big bag so probably best for little outings so they can carry their favourite toys and snacks. Leo has outgrown his as a nursery bag so it's used for trips where he can carry all his paw patrols and superhero toys.

10. I love everything about this, the shape, colour and personalisation on the chairs. It's the perfect place for the kids to have lunch and snacks, do some arts and crafts or even have a little tea party with their friends. 
11. A gorgeous yet practical item. I love it! Imagine all the pretty party dresses hanging on this rail.
12. A timeless mini rocking chair for your little one. It would make a great addition to the nursery or kids room but I can image Leo putting all his soft toys on it instead.
13. Made out of white wood, this is the perfect gift that will last a lifetime. When closed, it can be used as seating or even as a small side table. 
14. This rug will be perfect for Leo's room! It's grey with stars and personalised, need I say more!
It might be a little pricey but I think it's something that can be used for years to come as it's so simple & neutral.

But the highlight of all must be this one! I know for sure that my son will love this!!

I wanted to check that they ship the larger items too and it appears that they do! The table and stool set for example can be shipped to Mauritius for £23 and arrive in 5 days according to their delivery schedule. How cool is that!

I never get tired of browsing for cute things for my son, how about you guys? :)

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