So my last updates were back in May and October last year so I thought I'd do another quick update to see if anything has changed since last year.

But really, life is pretty much the same as back in London or even more mundane than before... Mauritius is a nice place to live especially if you have a family but it sure is boring lol. After having Leo back in London, I did spend a lot of time at home during the weekdays but we also went out every weekends. It was also much more convenient to pop out back then but now a lot of time is spent at home. It's definitely nicer to spend your days in a much larger apartment but I miss the days when I could hop on a 10min bus ride into central to go shopping!

Anyway, I can't believe it's nearly 2 years since moving to Mauritius. I remember when we first came here Leo was only 8 months and was still not walking or talking. Now he's running around and recently started singing really loud. It's ok if he has a few songs up his sleeves but he likes to sing this one song nonstop sometimes and it can drive you crazy (I finally understand you S!)

Ok, moving on to my update....

So.... I have FINALLY started driving lessons!! Just had 5 lessons now and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I've decided to learn manual so it'll later give me the choice when I finally get a car of my own! Hopefully by the end of the year, I'll finally be driving!! (It takes about 4-5months to get a test appointment so if I fail this, it'll have to be next year... )

I've started baking more but this all happens after Leo goes to sleep. So it's pretty much late night baking for me but I find it quite relaxing... the only problem is, I want to eat them right away and late night snacking (especially on sweet things) is not really a good idea...

Clockwise: Matcha chiffon cake, marshmallow brownie cookies, chouquettes, 
matcha sables, napolitaines and macarons

Haven't been blogging on a regular basis but it looks like I'm managing to post something every 2-3weeks. The end of this month will be this blog's 1st anniversary! and I can't quite believe I've managed to keep it up.

Leo still cries every morning at school but it seems like it's more of an attention seeking thing as he seems fine when we pick him up early afternoon. He says he doesn't like school but seems to quite enjoy it when he is there. I've noticed that he likes to sing to himself more these days but he won't if asked to, only when HE wants to lol

Left: 1st day back at school after long holidays
Right: The day he didn't cry at school for the first time

On the home front, I still have quite a few things to do to the apartment before I can call it 'complete'. Still need to put all the floating shelves up, all the bathroom accessories, find nice frames and hang art/pictures up, get plants, more cushions, outdoor furniture for the balcony, the list goes on. Also need to find a bed for my little one and I'm on a look out for a nice desk too so if anyone sees a nice kids bed or desk, let me know! Without a bed frame, I can't decide on what to do on the wall under the air con...

Leo's room looking a bit incomplete with a missing bed frame

Lastly, I've been keeping myself busy with a few things since the beginning of the year but I hope it all continues and it becomes a more permanent thing.

To more busy days ahead!

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