I currently only have 2 floating shelves installed in my home (one in the open plan living area and one in Leo's room)
Shelves are one of the easiest areas to restyle on a regular basis and I especially enjoy styling my son's one!

My son's current shelf

These are my tips to creating a fun and cool shelf and ways to up your shelfie game! (sorry about the inconsistency of photos, these have all been taken with different cameras/mobiles, time of day and lighting etc)

1. Fresh flowers
They make everything look prettier. I'm limited to the variety here but simple flowers like the gerbera can make all the difference. The lily is one of my favourites as just one stem can make a statement without over doing it.

I love fresh flowers

Love the colour contrast between the green print and pink lily

2. Metallic and Shiny objects
These items catch the eye and add an extra something to the decor. It can be anything from a mirrored item, metallic detailing or even a simple glass vase. I love my memo paris candle with its gold lid!

Subtle christmas theme with gold candles from Manjoo

Styling with rose gold frames, simplicity at its best!

3. Little trinket boxes
I like using small trinket boxes not only because they make cute objets but also to store those little knick knacks. I like using ceramic ones but they can be any sort of material.

Can you spot my favourite marble print trinket box?

4. Something belonging to your kid (If you don't have kids, then something that would belong to a kid)
It adds a little quirkiness to the shelf and I love using Leo's little toys!

 Shelf styling during Leo's 2nd birthday

Styling with Leo's plush and wooden toys

5. Unexpected random objects
It adds an edge and it's also cool! Can you spot the triceratops on my shelf?

6. Prints of any size (but small ones are better)
It's the easiest way to add personality to your shelf. It's an inexpensive way to restyle as well. I like to change my prints every time a redo the shelf or to fit in with the seasonal themes. I also like to produce customised prints like the ones for Leo's room.

Christmas shelf styling

Personalised prints for Leo

7. Make it about you, your family, your style
At the end of the day, it should portray you and your style!
I'm planning to install more shelves around the home so I can print more family pics to display on them. But first I need to find nice frames, any recommendations?

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